Commercial Property Insurance

With Commercial Property Insurance from Direct Insurance your business premises will be fully covered and protected against claims.

Whether you own one or multiple properties, our expert team will create a single Commercial Property Insurance policy that meets your requirements at an affordable price.

What does Commercial Property Insurance cover you against?

Our policies can be tailored to cover buildings insurance, contents and full risk cover. Plus you can purchase Property Liability Insurance to cover costs and damages awarded to a member of the public suffering an injury following an accident on, or linked to, your premises.

When might you need Commercial Property Insurance?

If you, or your business, own any building or land intended to generate a profit, you should strongly consider purchasing a Commercial Property Insurance policy.

Commercial Property Insurance is particularly important for residential management companies and landlords with a single property or a large property portfolio.

What kind of Commercial Property Insurance is right for you?

The things you need cover for will depend largely on the type and number of properties you own. So we offer a range of policies tailored towards your specific requirements:

How much cover will Commercial Property Insurance provide?

This will depend on the nature of your property portfolio and your business. Our team of experts will walk you through the process and ensure that you receive exactly the level of cover that you require.

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